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Up to date listings info

Provide the latest information on Chengdu properties, with timely follow-ups on customer’s requirements, we will provide the best possible selections as per your criteria. Be it serviced apartments, villas, apartments or old house, we got it all and at the best possible price..

Proven reliable process

As a high-end real estate agency we value integrity and transparency. We also adhere to the ‘customers first’ policy, which saves you time and money and have a proven process from showing you the property to the final contract signing, allowing you to move in as efficient as possible..

Not simply an agent

We are unlike other traditional real estate agencies, here at ChengduApartment.com we have a wealth of experience and thus know what our customers value. During your entire stay, our consultants will be available for any issues to help you communicate with your landlord and give advice where needed..

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